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Ben Yes

E-Mail: benguk2003 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Favorite Books: Psh.
Favorite Bands: Some Alt rock: Phoenix, Mute Math, The Shins, Dan Black, Silversun Pickups, Von Bondies, Ratatat, Neon Trees, Metric, Julian Casablancas. Some hip hop: B.o.B, Wale, Fashawn, Macklemore, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Chiddy Bang
Favorite Quotes: "Look, they're stomping the yard!"
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Affirmative Rappin
Other Info:
Check out our fresh to death website for more of our alternative rock explosiveness.

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
09/29/10Ctrl Alt Delete09/29/10 03:54:27
10/20/10Caffeinated Headphones10/20/10 02:54:42
10/30/10The New Indie Canon10/30/10 12:03:25
11/03/10Ctrl Alt Delete11/03/10 04:00:06
11/10/10Ctrl Alt Delete11/10/10 03:56:09
12/01/10Ctrl Alt Delete12/01/10 03:33:20
12/08/10Ctrl Alt Delete12/08/10 03:32:41
12/15/10Ctrl Alt Delete12/15/10 02:56:48
12/15/10Indie Rock Block12/15/10 06:38:32
03/01/11Ctrl Alt Delete03/01/11 23:35:54
10/04/11Ctrl Alt Delete10/04/11 22:53:08
10/18/11Ctrl Alt Delete10/19/11 00:00:09
11/01/11Ctrl Alt Delete11/01/11 23:43:14
12/06/11Ctrl Alt Delete12/07/11 00:39:05
12/13/11Ctrl Alt Delete12/14/11 00:12:53
09/05/12Ctrl Alt Delete Radio09/05/12 23:16:14
09/19/12Ctrl Alt Delete Radio09/20/12 00:00:04
09/20/12Unscheduled Show09/20/12 00:00:17
09/20/12Unscheduled Show09/20/12 00:00:27
11/07/12Ctrl Alt Delete Radio11/07/12 21:46:45
11/07/12The Reel11/07/12 21:49:04
10/24/12Ctrl Alt Delete Radio11/07/12 21:51:21
11/14/12Ctrl Alt Delete Radio11/14/12 23:50:26
11/28/12Ctrl Alt Delete Radio11/28/12 23:03:02
12/12/12Ctrl Alt Delete Radio12/12/12 23:22:26
02/06/13Ctrl Alt Delete Radio02/06/13 21:47:09
02/13/13Ctrl Alt Delete Radio02/13/13 21:07:43
02/20/13Ctrl Alt Delete Radio02/20/13 21:55:08
02/27/13Ctrl Alt Delete Radio02/27/13 21:11:23
03/13/13Ctrl Alt Delete Radio03/13/13 21:11:42
03/27/13Ctrl Alt Delete Radio03/27/13 22:01:19
04/10/13Ctrl Alt Delete Radio04/10/13 22:00:58
05/01/13Ctrl Alt Delete Radio05/01/13 20:54:52
05/08/13Ctrl Alt Delete Radio05/08/13 22:00:19
09/25/13Ctrl-Alt-Delete09/25/13 21:14:17
10/02/13Ctrl-Alt-Delete10/02/13 21:50:08
10/09/13Ctrl-Alt-Delete10/09/13 20:17:56
10/16/13Ctrl-Alt-Delete10/16/13 21:50:24
11/06/13Ctrl-Alt-Delete11/06/13 21:28:03
11/13/13Ctrl-Alt-Delete11/13/13 21:45:32
11/20/13Ctrl-Alt-Delete11/20/13 21:50:12
12/11/13Ctrl-Alt-Delete12/11/13 21:08:39
12/12/13The Need for Tweed 12/12/13 08:52:23
12/18/13Ctrl-Alt-Delete12/18/13 21:41:50
01/29/14Ctrl Alt Delete01/29/14 21:13:05
02/05/14Ctrl Alt Delete02/05/14 21:11:34
02/12/14Ctrl Alt Delete02/12/14 20:40:45
02/19/14Ctrl Alt Delete02/19/14 21:23:47
03/05/14Ctrl Alt Delete03/05/14 21:32:55
04/02/14Ctrl Alt Delete04/02/14 20:44:46
04/09/14Ctrl Alt Delete04/09/14 21:06:29
04/23/14Ctrl Alt Delete04/23/14 20:52:27
04/30/14Ctrl Alt Delete04/30/14 20:49:04
05/21/14Ctrl Alt Delete05/21/14 21:42:43