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Christina Gatte

E-Mail: cgatte [at] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Books: Anything by Chuck Klosterman.
Favorite Bands: The Black Keys, The National, The Dead Weather, Beach House, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, too many to list.
Favorite Quotes: "You know Lemony Snicket? If he was a cake, this is what he would taste like..."
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Indie Rock Block

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10/06/10Ctrl Alt Delete10/06/10 03:59:07
10/13/10Ctrl Alt Delete10/13/10 04:02:10
10/20/10Ctrl Alt Delete10/20/10 03:57:53
10/27/10Ctrl Alt Delete10/27/10 03:57:35
10/27/10BearWaves10/27/10 08:12:56
11/17/10Caffeinated Headphones11/17/10 01:56:30
11/17/10Ctrl Alt Delete11/17/10 03:57:04
01/25/11Ctrl Alt Delete01/25/11 23:52:44
02/01/11Ctrl Alt Delete02/01/11 23:49:26
02/08/11Ctrl Alt Delete02/08/11 23:56:12
02/15/11Ctrl Alt Delete02/15/11 23:58:24
02/22/11Ctrl Alt Delete02/22/11 23:53:51
03/08/11Ctrl Alt Delete03/09/11 00:02:54
03/15/11Ctrl Alt Delete03/15/11 23:46:24
04/05/11Ctrl Alt Delete04/05/11 23:49:46
04/12/11Ctrl Alt Delete04/12/11 23:59:27
04/19/11Ctrl Alt Delete04/19/11 23:45:41
04/26/11Ctrl Alt Delete04/26/11 23:51:18
05/03/11Ctrl Alt Delete05/03/11 23:37:25
05/10/11Ctrl Alt Delete05/10/11 23:41:49
08/31/11Ctrl Alt Delete08/31/11 00:47:21
09/06/11Ctrl Alt Delete09/07/11 00:44:54
09/13/11Ctrl Alt Delete09/13/11 23:45:31
09/27/11Ctrl Alt Delete09/27/11 23:15:30
10/11/11Ctrl Alt Delete10/11/11 23:31:42
10/25/11Ctrl Alt Delete10/25/11 23:23:47
11/08/11Ctrl Alt Delete11/08/11 22:44:13
11/29/11Ctrl Alt Delete11/30/11 00:35:25