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Adam Rosenfeld

E-Mail: adamzr [at] terpmail [dot] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Books: American Gods, The Name of the Wind, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, Sandman, Preacher, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Ender's Game, Neuromancer
Favorite Bands: Frank Ocean, FIDLAR, Bright Eyes, Bill Callahan, Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, LCD Soundsystem, Das Racist, Mountain Goats, Grizzly Bear, Drake, SBTRKT, James Blake, Bon Iver, couple more
Favorite Quotes: "The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it." - Terry Pratchett.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Songs to Pass the Time
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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/20/10Indie Rock Block10/20/10 05:58:41
11/17/10Indie Rock Block11/17/10 05:58:01
11/24/10Caffeinated Headphones11/24/10 02:53:01
11/24/10Ctrl Alt Delete11/24/10 04:01:03
11/24/10Indie Rock Block12/04/10 18:53:20
12/01/10Indie Rock Block12/04/10 18:52:53
01/24/11Indie Rock Block01/24/11 17:56:24
01/31/11Indie Rock Block01/31/11 17:58:44
02/07/11Indie Rock Block02/07/11 18:01:27
02/14/11Indie Rock Block02/14/11 18:03:21
02/21/11Indie Rock Block02/21/11 18:01:04
02/28/11Indie Rock Block02/28/11 18:02:53
03/07/11Indie Rock Block03/07/11 18:01:04
03/07/11WMUC News03/07/11 18:42:49
03/14/11Indie Rock Block03/14/11 17:57:29
03/28/11Indie Rock Block03/28/11 18:01:36
04/04/11Indie Rock Block04/04/11 17:58:04
04/11/11Indie Rock Block04/11/11 17:55:52
04/25/11Indie Rock Block04/25/11 17:55:18
05/02/11Indie Rock Block05/02/11 17:57:49
05/09/11Indie Rock Block05/09/11 17:53:42
05/16/11Indie Rock Block05/16/11 18:05:15
09/01/11Indie Rock Block09/01/11 21:56:46
09/08/11Indie Rock Block09/08/11 21:54:30
09/22/11Indie Rock Block09/22/11 17:54:04
10/06/11Indie Rock Block10/06/11 17:55:14
10/20/11Indie Rock Block10/20/11 17:53:40
10/27/11Indie Rock Block10/27/11 17:54:09
11/10/11Indie Rock Block11/10/11 17:52:09
11/17/11Indie Rock Block11/24/11 20:47:02
12/01/11Indie Rock Block12/01/11 17:12:16
12/08/11Indie Rock Block12/08/11 17:47:45
02/08/12Indie Rock Block02/08/12 19:57:24
02/22/12Indie Rock Block02/22/12 19:57:05
02/29/12Indie Rock Block02/29/12 19:59:04
03/01/12Drinking Alone03/01/12 17:59:56
03/07/12Indie Rock Block03/07/12 20:02:18
03/28/12Indie Rock Block03/28/12 20:14:43
04/04/12Indie Rock Block04/04/12 19:58:18
04/11/12Indie Rock Block04/11/12 19:59:31
04/18/12Indie Rock Block04/18/12 20:00:11
04/25/12Indie Rock Block04/25/12 19:57:13
05/02/12Indie Rock Block05/02/12 19:58:45
05/09/12Indie Rock Block05/09/12 19:58:38
09/06/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock09/06/12 17:04:27
09/07/12Dream in Japanese09/07/12 14:01:33
09/13/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock09/13/12 16:52:10
09/27/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock09/27/12 16:57:47
10/04/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock10/04/12 16:54:37
10/18/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock10/18/12 17:01:10
10/25/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock10/25/12 17:04:43
11/01/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock11/01/12 17:00:26
11/08/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock11/08/12 17:27:24
11/08/12Modern Music for Modern Reptiles11/08/12 17:06:39
11/15/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock11/15/12 16:58:42
11/29/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock11/29/12 17:07:39
12/06/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock12/06/12 17:00:23
12/13/12Indie Rock at 5 O'Clock at 3 O'Clock12/13/12 17:04:23
09/11/13Adam Melts the Universe09/12/13 15:44:17
09/25/13Adam Melts the Universe09/25/13 21:57:54
10/16/13Adam Melts the Universe10/16/13 21:57:22
10/30/13Adam Melts the Universe10/30/13 22:30:30
11/13/13Adam Melts the Universe11/13/13 21:56:27
11/20/13Adam Melts the Universe11/20/13 21:54:49
12/04/13Adam Melts the Universe12/04/13 22:01:08
12/11/13Adam Melts the Universe12/11/13 22:09:30
12/18/13Adam Melts the Universe12/18/13 22:06:06
01/29/14Adam Melts the Universe01/30/14 15:34:25
01/30/14Songs For Dads01/30/14 15:38:17
02/05/14Adam Melts the Universe02/05/14 23:59:57
02/12/14Adam Melts the Universe02/12/14 23:42:58
02/19/14Adam Melts the Universe02/19/14 23:55:10
02/26/14Adam Melts the Universe02/26/14 22:57:24
03/05/14Adam Melts the Universe03/06/14 00:11:25
04/02/14Adam Melts the Universe04/02/14 23:50:26
04/23/14Adam Melts the Universe04/23/14 23:54:14
04/30/14Adam Melts the Universe04/30/14 23:57:43
05/07/14Adam Melts the Universe05/07/14 23:56:33