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Ava Lowe

E-Mail: avaolowe [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: Richard III, The Winter of Our Discontent, A Personal Matter
Favorite Bands: Tom Waits, The Magnetic Fields, Xiu Xiu, Nick Cave and ______, Morrissey and The Smiths, Jonathan Richman, Jens Lekman, Townes van Zandt
Favorite Quotes: "I'm erect. Why aren't you erect?" -traditional
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Drinking Alone

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
09/30/10The More You Ignore Me...09/30/10 09:56:41
10/07/10The More You Ignore Me...10/07/10 09:59:32
10/14/10The More You Ignore Me...10/14/10 09:51:38
10/21/10The More You Ignore Me...10/21/10 09:54:39
10/28/10The More You Ignore Me...10/28/10 09:57:59
11/04/10The More You Ignore Me...11/04/10 09:53:50
11/11/10The More You Ignore Me...11/11/10 10:01:16
11/18/10The More You Ignore Me...11/18/10 09:53:29
12/02/10The More You Ignore Me...12/02/10 09:50:22
12/16/10The More You Ignore Me...12/16/10 09:56:01
01/06/11The More You Ignore Me...01/06/11 09:58:42
01/13/11The More You Ignore Me...01/13/11 09:54:23
01/20/11The More You Ignore Me...01/20/11 10:00:29
01/24/11The More You Ignore Me...01/24/11 09:54:23
01/31/11The More You Ignore Me...01/31/11 09:57:10
04/11/11The More You Ignore Me...04/11/11 09:55:57
02/07/11The More You Ignore Me...02/07/11 10:00:01
02/14/11The More You Ignore Me...02/14/11 10:03:25
02/21/11The More You Ignore Me...02/21/11 10:05:38
03/07/11The More You Ignore Me...03/07/11 10:02:43
03/14/11The More You Ignore Me...03/14/11 10:08:04
03/21/11The More You Ignore Me...03/21/11 10:00:05
03/28/11The More You Ignore Me...03/28/11 09:58:10
04/04/11The More You Ignore Me...04/04/11 10:05:11
04/25/11The More You Ignore Me...04/25/11 10:02:44
05/16/11The More You Ignore Me...05/16/11 10:08:18
02/06/12My Life in The Bush of Georges02/07/12 00:37:38
02/13/12My Life in The Bush of Georges02/13/12 21:56:34
02/20/12My Life in The Bush of Georges02/28/12 04:43:43
02/27/12My Life in The Bush of Georges02/28/12 04:52:15
03/12/12My Life in The Bush of Georges03/12/12 21:57:52
03/19/12My Life in The Bush of Georges03/19/12 22:55:48
04/16/12My Life in The Bush of Georges04/16/12 21:48:42