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E-Mail: trsradio [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: trsradio06
Favorite Books: The Twilight of American Culture; And It Don't Stop: The Best Hip-Hop Journalism of the Last 25 Years; Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Ego Trip's Big Book of Rap Lists
Favorite Bands: The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, John Forte, Wade Waters
Favorite Quotes: I frown a lot on purpose to piss people off. - D. Ellis I don't wash my hands after I dig for records- Dave Ellis
Favorite Other WMUC Show: The Apple Juice Break
Other Info:
RIP and REP D. Ellis

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02/03/06TRS Radio02/03/06 21:03:53
02/17/06TRS Radio02/17/06 21:58:36
03/03/06TRS Radio03/03/06 22:21:01
03/10/06TRS Radio03/17/06 21:56:45
03/10/06TRS Radio03/17/06 23:59:24
03/31/06TRS Radio03/31/06 21:40:59
04/07/06TRS Radio04/07/06 22:07:40
04/21/06TRS Radio04/21/06 21:40:05
09/01/06TRS Radio09/01/06 23:38:19
10/13/06TRS Radio10/13/06 23:53:26
10/20/06TRS Radio10/20/06 22:12:48
10/27/06TRS Radio10/27/06 22:28:42
11/03/06TRS Radio11/03/06 23:28:12
11/24/06TRS Radio11/24/06 22:27:37
12/01/06TRS Radio12/01/06 22:07:49
12/15/06TRS Radio12/15/06 23:05:00
12/22/06TRS Radio12/22/06 22:27:55
01/19/07TRS Radio01/19/07 22:32:24
02/02/07TRS Radio02/03/07 02:05:11
02/16/07TRS Radio02/16/07 22:12:17
02/23/07TRS Radio02/23/07 23:06:40
03/09/07TRS Radio03/09/07 22:21:27
03/23/07TRS Radio03/24/07 00:02:19
03/30/07TRS Radio03/30/07 22:40:08
04/06/07TRS Radio04/06/07 22:37:16
04/13/07TRS Radio04/13/07 22:37:37
04/27/07TRS Radio04/27/07 23:04:43