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Maya Muñoz

E-Mail: mayapamela [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: Gone With the Wind, The Secret History, The Great Gatsby, Time Traveler's Wife, the Elegance of the Hedgehog
Favorite Bands: Beirut, Amy Winehouse, The Magnetic Fields, The Decemberists, Pink Martini, Animal Collective, anything by a Swedish artist/band. And a special place in my heart for Bright Eyes.
Favorite Quotes: "Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes." -Walt Whitman
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Drinking Alone
Other Info:
DJ STEVEN HURR**~**$$ I cite my first concert as Blink 182/No Doubt when I was in seventh grade. But technically, my first concert could very well be Hoku through Radio Disney at Merriweather in 1999. No need to be so jealous.!/MayaPamela

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06/27/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin06/25/12 22:42:27
06/20/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin07/03/12 09:08:22
07/04/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin07/04/12 23:07:33
07/11/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin07/11/12 22:58:06
07/18/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin07/19/12 00:17:20
07/25/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin07/28/12 09:57:28
08/01/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin08/02/12 13:43:40
08/08/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin08/09/12 22:42:52
08/15/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin08/15/12 23:12:14
09/06/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin09/07/12 04:59:23
09/27/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin09/27/12 23:52:30
09/27/12Unscheduled Show09/27/12 22:27:36
10/11/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin10/11/12 23:56:42
10/25/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin10/26/12 23:20:23
11/01/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin11/02/12 14:06:29
11/08/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin11/09/12 07:49:07
11/29/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin11/30/12 00:05:56
12/06/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin12/06/12 23:57:50
12/13/12Our Weekly Corn Muffin12/14/12 00:54:23
01/24/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin01/24/13 23:59:22
01/31/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin02/01/13 10:41:31
02/07/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin02/08/13 00:00:21
02/14/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin02/14/13 23:41:55
02/25/13Phil Elvrum's Will02/25/13 22:27:49
02/21/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin02/22/13 00:20:42
02/28/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin03/01/13 10:57:06
03/07/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin03/08/13 00:09:49
03/12/13Dream in Japanese03/12/13 23:25:45
03/14/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin03/22/13 14:52:09
03/21/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin03/17/13 23:54:16
03/17/13The Hip-Hop Corner03/20/13 17:41:20
03/18/13Phil Elvrum's Will03/18/13 22:01:48
03/21/13Rice Comes in Brown and White03/21/13 23:09:15
03/21/13Nightmusic Radio03/21/13 23:27:44
03/24/13Variety Is the Spice of Life03/24/13 15:00:58
03/28/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin03/29/13 05:10:44
04/03/13Ctrl Alt Delete Radio04/03/13 21:59:15
04/04/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin04/04/13 23:49:00
04/11/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin04/11/13 23:59:29
04/18/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin04/18/13 23:43:41
04/25/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin04/25/13 23:59:41
04/24/13AUDITORY ASSAULT04/24/13 23:58:50
04/29/13First Church of College Park04/30/13 00:06:10
05/02/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin05/03/13 00:20:01
05/08/13AUDITORY ASSAULT05/08/13 23:54:54
05/09/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin05/10/13 13:21:28
05/13/13Songs to pass the time05/13/13 00:10:35
05/27/13Sweet Summer's Night05/27/13 23:59:58
06/10/13Sweet Summer's Night06/06/13 20:08:56
06/06/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin06/06/13 21:58:35
06/03/13Sweet Summer's Night06/11/13 07:12:20
06/13/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin06/13/13 21:44:03
06/17/13Sweet Summer's Night06/18/13 00:05:15
06/24/13Sweet Summer's Night06/20/13 21:28:30
06/20/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin06/24/13 23:57:22
07/01/13Sweet Summer's Night07/02/13 00:17:33
06/27/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin06/27/13 21:47:17
07/04/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin07/01/13 23:09:06
07/08/13Sweet Summer's Night07/09/13 01:26:26
07/11/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin07/11/13 21:56:19
07/18/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin07/16/13 01:11:36
07/15/13Sweet Summer's Night07/16/13 01:34:05
07/22/13Sweet Summer's Night07/22/13 23:56:08
08/12/13Sweet Summer's Night08/13/13 00:00:55
09/17/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin09/17/13 22:26:36
09/24/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin09/24/13 22:27:46
10/01/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin10/01/13 22:05:13
10/08/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin10/08/13 21:54:14
10/15/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin10/17/13 00:38:11
10/22/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin10/22/13 20:39:11
10/29/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin10/29/13 21:51:10
11/12/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin11/12/13 21:53:07
11/19/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin11/19/13 21:54:21
11/29/13In Afternoon Air11/29/13 15:57:45
12/03/13Our Weekly Corn Muffin12/03/13 21:58:58
01/30/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin01/30/14 23:07:45
02/06/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin02/07/14 08:52:07
02/20/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin02/20/14 21:57:14
02/27/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin02/27/14 22:33:55
03/06/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin03/06/14 21:57:11
03/13/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin03/13/14 21:59:39
03/20/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin03/20/14 21:55:28
03/27/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin03/28/14 18:34:41
04/10/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin04/10/14 21:58:24
04/17/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin04/17/14 21:41:08
04/24/14Our Weekly Corn Muffin04/24/14 21:49:36