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Kim Harris

E-Mail: kimpharris [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Bands: Alt-J, Alpine, Beach House, Discovery, Empire of the Sun, Future Islands, Jukebox the Ghost, Purity Ring, Tame Impala, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yeasayer, Youth Lagoon
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Let's Drink Some Chai
Other Info:
Classical trombonist, feminist, bibliophile, super gay, can build fires really well, former girl scout, once ate a whole large pizza from Domino\'s alone, often buys hats and never wears them

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03/01/13Rosetta Stoned03/02/13 00:55:37
03/08/13Rosetta Stoned03/09/13 19:49:56
02/22/13Rosetta Stoned03/23/13 00:57:27
04/12/13Rosetta Stoned04/13/13 01:40:25
04/19/13Rosetta Stoned04/20/13 00:59:23
04/26/13Rosetta Stoned04/27/13 02:03:51
05/10/13Rosetta Stoned05/22/13 12:38:56
09/14/13Rosetta Stoned09/16/13 18:12:12
09/20/13Rosetta Stoned09/21/13 00:55:03
09/27/13Rosetta Stoned09/29/13 13:37:31
10/04/13Rosetta Stoned09/29/13 13:41:31
10/18/13Rosetta Stoned10/19/13 00:11:28
10/23/13Adam Melts the Universe10/27/13 12:52:56
10/25/13Rosetta Stoned11/22/13 16:10:56
11/01/13Rosetta Stoned11/22/13 16:20:09
01/29/14The Cosmic Jam02/04/14 19:03:47
02/19/14The Cosmic Jam03/09/14 01:16:24
02/26/14The Cosmic Jam03/09/14 01:27:17
04/09/14The Cosmic Jam04/10/14 11:04:25
10/08/14The Cosmic Jam10/12/14 17:16:31
09/24/14The Cosmic Jam11/07/14 19:20:46
11/05/14The Cosmic Jam11/07/14 19:25:33
01/28/15Rosetta Stoned01/28/15 20:09:25
02/04/15Rosetta Stoned02/04/15 20:29:34
03/04/15Rosetta Stoned03/05/15 09:34:03
04/15/15Rosetta Stoned04/15/15 20:11:29
04/22/15Rosetta Stoned04/22/15 21:05:09
09/02/15Rosetta Stoned09/02/15 18:33:15
09/09/15Rosetta Stoned09/09/15 18:08:07
09/16/15Rosetta Stoned09/16/15 18:11:47