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Nora Keller

E-Mail: njkeller [at] terpmail [dot] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Bands: The Noras :), The Mountain Goats, The Clash, The Velvet Underground, Elliott Smith, Neutral Milk Hotel, Of Montreal, Built to Spill, Sonny and the Sunsets, Gorillaz, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Who, The Weeknd, Mos Def, New Order, Belle and Sebastian, Run the Jewels, The Doors, The Shins, , Deer Tick, Deltron 3030, Modest Mouse, Beirut, Jawbreaker, The Magnetic Fields, YOU KNOW
Favorite Quotes: Be excellent to each other
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Third Rail Radio

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
04/13/13Songs for Dads04/21/13 03:06:07
04/20/13Songs for Dads05/11/13 11:52:13
04/27/13Songs for Dads04/29/13 15:53:19
05/04/13Songs for Dads05/11/13 11:51:20
09/15/13Songs for Dads10/11/13 20:41:56
09/29/13Songs for Dads10/11/13 20:44:05
09/22/13Songs for Dads10/11/13 20:48:54
10/06/13Songs for Dads10/11/13 20:53:04
09/15/13No Nostalgia10/11/13 22:12:11
09/22/13No Nostalgia10/11/13 21:03:35
09/29/13No Nostalgia10/11/13 21:05:49
10/06/13No Nostalgia10/11/13 22:14:32
11/17/13Songs for Dads11/17/13 18:45:54
12/08/13No Nostalgia12/10/13 00:11:08
12/08/13Songs for Dads12/10/13 00:15:50
12/15/13Songs for Dads12/16/13 00:25:18
12/15/13No Nostalgia12/16/13 00:30:04
02/27/14Songs For Dads02/27/14 15:55:24
03/06/14No Nostalgia03/06/14 16:35:53
03/27/14No Nostalgia03/27/14 17:01:00
04/03/14No Nostalgia04/03/14 22:06:58
04/03/14Songs For Dads04/03/14 16:49:09
04/10/14No Nostalgia04/10/14 20:56:30
04/17/14No Nostalgia04/17/14 21:33:11
05/08/14Songs For Dads05/08/14 16:04:43
05/08/14No Nostalgia05/08/14 16:56:35
09/11/14No Nostalgia09/11/14 19:13:27
09/18/14No Nostalgia09/18/14 19:14:16
09/25/14Songs For Dads09/25/14 20:03:55
10/02/14Songs For Dads10/02/14 19:55:36
11/13/14No Nostalgia11/13/14 19:26:46
12/04/14No Nostalgia12/04/14 18:54:14
02/09/15Songs For Dads02/09/15 18:56:20
02/09/15No Nostalgia02/09/15 19:59:04
03/09/15Songs For Dads03/09/15 19:32:14
01/26/15No Nostalgia03/23/15 20:45:40
03/30/15Songs For Dads03/30/15 19:44:00
03/30/15No Nostalgia03/30/15 19:53:48
04/06/15Songs For Dads04/06/15 19:05:59
04/06/15No Nostalgia04/06/15 19:58:15
04/13/15Songs For Dads04/13/15 19:00:30
04/13/15No Nostalgia04/13/15 22:14:54
04/20/15Songs For Dads04/20/15 19:03:03
05/04/15No Nostalgia05/04/15 21:03:54