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Asher Meerovich

E-Mail: asher [dot] meerovich [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: hunter s thompson, haruki murakami, daniel pinkwater, yoko ono, tao lin, octavio paz
Favorite Bands: led zeppelin, pink floyd, hendrix, zappa, talking heads, phish, envy on the coast, mr. bungle, the mars volta, queen, sublime, david bowie, prince, pixies, the roots, smashing pumpkins, circa survive, xiu xiu, death vessel, modest mouse, sigur ros, system of a down, neutral milk hotel, my chemical romance, rjd2, wax tailor, marianas trench, pigeons playing ping pong, reel big fish, streetlight manifesto, the shifters
Favorite Quotes: what if i told you i had a vincent black shadow?
Favorite Other WMUC Show: The Freshest Hour
Other Info:
rip coneman

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/09/13After Hours Radio10/09/13 01:52:42
10/16/13After Hours Radio10/16/13 01:48:18
10/23/13After Hours Radio10/23/13 01:54:28
10/30/13After Hours Radio10/30/13 01:47:40
11/06/13After Hours Radio11/06/13 01:51:54
11/13/13After Hours Radio11/13/13 01:58:09
11/20/13After Hours Radio11/20/13 01:52:10
11/27/13After Hours Radio11/27/13 01:49:57
12/04/13After Hours Radio12/04/13 01:08:28
12/18/13After Hours Radio12/18/13 01:54:07
01/29/14After Hours01/29/14 01:54:36
02/05/14After Hours02/05/14 01:55:26
02/12/14After Hours02/12/14 01:50:28
02/26/14After Hours02/26/14 01:57:00
03/05/14After Hours03/05/14 01:49:46
03/12/14After Hours03/12/14 10:19:29
03/26/14After Hours03/26/14 01:45:39
04/02/14After Hours04/02/14 01:45:40
04/23/14After Hours04/23/14 01:57:34
04/30/14After Hours04/30/14 01:58:12
05/07/14After Hours05/07/14 01:53:37
05/14/14After Hours05/14/14 01:46:50
08/02/14The New Indie Canon08/03/14 15:23:39
08/31/14Variety Is the Spice of Life08/31/14 13:23:51
11/16/14Third Rail Radio11/16/14 20:58:53
09/08/14Brett Smokes Mids09/08/14 23:59:18
09/15/14Brett Smokes Mids09/15/14 23:59:07
09/22/14Brett Smokes Mids09/22/14 23:59:29
09/29/14Brett Smokes Mids09/29/14 23:55:41
10/06/14Brett Smokes Mids10/06/14 23:52:38
10/07/14Luce Tuesdays10/07/14 09:50:25
10/12/14Third Rail Radio10/12/14 21:14:58
10/20/14Brett Smokes Mids10/21/14 00:07:37
10/27/14Brett Smokes Mids10/27/14 23:59:44
11/03/14Brett Smokes Mids11/03/14 23:56:12
11/10/14Brett Smokes Mids11/10/14 23:54:34
11/11/14The Manic Pixie Mixtape11/11/14 15:55:03
11/17/14Brett Smokes Mids11/17/14 23:53:35
11/24/14Brett Smokes Mids11/24/14 23:46:41
12/08/14Brett Smokes Mids12/08/14 23:54:25
01/26/15Bret Smokes Kids01/26/15 23:58:00
02/09/15Bret Smokes Kids02/09/15 23:53:56
02/22/15Third Rail Radio02/22/15 21:12:35
02/23/15Bret Smokes Kids02/23/15 23:56:40
03/02/15Bret Smokes Kids03/02/15 23:57:47
03/08/15Third Rail Radio03/08/15 21:25:21
03/22/15Third Rail Radio03/22/15 20:58:39
03/23/15Bret Smokes Kids03/23/15 23:48:59
03/30/15Bret Smokes Kids03/31/15 00:01:52
04/06/15Bret Smokes Kids04/05/15 20:53:59
04/06/15Unscheduled Show04/06/15 23:59:05
04/13/15Bret Smokes Kids04/13/15 23:37:27
04/20/15Bret Smokes Kids04/19/15 20:55:59
04/27/15Bret Smokes Kids04/27/15 23:51:06
05/04/15Bret Smokes Kids05/04/15 23:56:02
05/18/15Bret Smokes Kids05/18/15 23:56:45
08/31/15Trump Radio08/31/15 22:59:10
09/07/15Trump Radio09/07/15 22:57:57
09/21/15Trump Radio09/21/15 22:55:49
10/05/15Trump Radio10/05/15 22:52:50
10/12/15Trump Radio10/12/15 22:58:54
10/19/15Trump Radio10/19/15 22:55:56
11/09/15Trump Radio11/09/15 22:52:50
11/16/15Trump Radio11/16/15 22:55:17
11/30/15Trump Radio11/30/15 22:56:54
12/07/15Trump Radio12/07/15 22:57:01
01/25/16American Music01/25/16 21:54:19
02/01/16American Music02/01/16 21:49:32
02/08/16American Music02/08/16 21:49:12
02/15/16American Music02/15/16 21:58:53
02/15/16A Vibe Called Interstellar02/15/16 22:58:17
02/22/16American Music02/22/16 21:56:42
02/29/16American Music02/29/16 22:15:05
03/28/16American Music03/28/16 22:38:59
04/04/16American Music04/04/16 21:55:31
04/11/16American Music04/11/16 21:55:09
05/09/16American Music05/09/16 21:53:34
08/30/16Gratuitous Montage08/30/16 20:54:13
09/06/16Gratuitous Montage09/06/16 20:53:24
09/20/16Gratuitous Montage09/21/16 09:11:35
09/27/16Gratuitous Montage09/27/16 20:43:49
10/18/16Gratuitous Montage10/19/16 09:49:28