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Hayley Fahey

E-Mail: hayleyfahey [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Bands: Train, Florence & the Machine, Lady Antebellum, Eva Cassidy, Amos Lee, Otis Redding, Van Morrison, Daughter, Bear's Den, Rascal Flatts, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Straight No Chaser, Colbie Caillat, Norah Jones, India Arie, U2, Mary J. Blige, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Etta James, The Beatles
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Locals Only
Other Info:
Hey! My name is Hayley and I am a singer-songwriter and broadcast journalism major. I love discovering new music from all genres and I will share it with you here every Thursday with my co-host Gary McKee! Listen on your way to work or while you are getting ready for school and expect to hear music from a variety of genres, acoustic tunes, oldies, local musicians and interviews with special guests! I part of the music community here at UMD. I perform live, solo and with my band Numbering Sundays and also teach music lessons. Check out my website for some more information!

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10/18/13Hey Hay 10/18/13 22:49:33
10/25/13Hey Hay 10/25/13 09:57:34
11/01/13Hey Hay 11/01/13 09:53:48
11/08/13Hey Hay 11/08/13 09:57:13
11/15/13Hey Hay 11/15/13 10:59:05
11/22/13Hey Hay 11/22/13 09:55:09
12/06/13Hey Hay 12/06/13 09:53:31
01/31/14Hey Hay01/31/14 13:50:32
02/14/14Hey Hay02/14/14 13:46:46
03/07/14Hey Hay03/07/14 13:58:48
03/28/14Hey Hay03/28/14 13:56:55
04/04/14Hey Hay04/04/14 13:55:17
04/18/14Hey Hay04/18/14 13:56:06
05/09/14Hey Hay05/09/14 13:54:01
09/02/14Better Days09/02/14 11:58:51
09/09/14Better Days09/09/14 12:00:47
09/16/14Better Days09/16/14 11:57:23
09/23/14Better Days09/23/14 11:49:22
09/30/14Better Days09/30/14 11:53:46
10/07/14Better Days10/07/14 11:56:10
10/14/14Better Days10/14/14 12:01:16
10/21/14Better Days10/21/14 12:12:37
10/28/14Better Days10/28/14 12:01:07
11/04/14Better Days11/04/14 11:58:48
11/11/14Better Days11/11/14 11:52:32
11/18/14Better Days11/18/14 11:57:42
11/25/14Better Days11/25/14 11:55:45
12/02/14Better Days12/02/14 11:57:47
12/09/14Better Days12/09/14 12:00:45
09/17/15Better Days09/17/15 13:53:32
10/08/15Better Days10/08/15 13:47:08
10/15/15Better Days10/15/15 13:50:06
10/22/15Better Days10/22/15 13:55:29
10/29/15Better Days10/29/15 13:58:38
11/05/15Better Days11/05/15 13:57:35
11/12/15Better Days11/12/15 13:57:55
11/19/15Better Days11/19/15 14:01:03
12/03/15Better Days12/03/15 13:58:18
12/10/15Better Days12/10/15 13:58:04