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Rachel DeSantis

E-Mail: rachellynn [at] optonline [dot] net
Favorite Bands: The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, blink-182, Mumford and Sons, Paul Simon, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Favorite Quotes: Just keep me where the light is
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Terp Country
Other Info:
Hobbies include making bad jokes, defending New Jersey, making pizza its own food group, singing without realizing I\'m doing it and watching reruns of It\'s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix.

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10/27/13Mardy Bummed10/27/13 22:04:30
11/03/13Mardy Bummed11/03/13 22:52:59
11/10/13Mardy Bummed11/10/13 21:49:39
11/17/13Mardy Bummed11/18/13 13:04:38
11/24/13Mardy Bummed11/24/13 21:43:27
12/01/13Mardy Bummed12/01/13 23:45:06
12/15/13Mardy Bummed12/17/13 15:16:24
02/09/14Mardy Bummed02/09/14 21:57:52
02/16/14Mardy Bummed02/16/14 20:56:37
02/23/14Mardy Bummed02/23/14 21:34:16
03/02/14Mardy Bummed03/02/14 22:11:40
03/16/14Mardy Bummed03/13/14 19:52:57
04/06/14Mardy Bummed04/06/14 21:43:40
03/30/14Mardy Bummed03/30/14 22:13:41
04/20/14Mardy Bummed04/20/14 23:00:38
04/27/14Mardy Bummed04/27/14 22:00:39
09/14/14Mardy Bummed09/14/14 20:25:29
10/05/14Mardy Bummed10/05/14 20:28:38
10/26/14Mardy Bummed10/27/14 14:51:06
11/02/14Mardy Bummed11/23/14 21:48:35
11/23/14Mardy Bummed11/23/14 21:51:05
09/07/14Mardy Bummed11/23/14 21:53:33