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Jill Goldstein

E-Mail: programmingwmuc [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: "The Hangover Trilogy" written and directed by Todd Phillips, and starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, and Ken Jeong
Favorite Bands: The Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, ELO, and The Band
Favorite Other WMUC Show: show #3528
Other Info:
Hey! I\\\\\\\'m the current Program Director for the station! Contact me with any of your Programming needs!

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10/15/13Gill Joldstein10/15/13 17:14:20
10/29/13Gill Joldstein10/30/13 23:55:39
11/19/13Gill Joldstein11/19/13 16:48:44
02/04/14Adam Rosenfeld Is My Homeskillet (Gill Joldstein)02/04/14 16:55:53
02/11/14Adam Rosenfeld Is My Homeskillet (Gill Joldstein)02/11/14 17:00:19
02/18/14Adam Rosenfeld Is My Homeskillet (Gill Joldstein)02/18/14 16:42:13
03/11/14Adam Rosenfeld Is My Homeskillet (Gill Joldstein)03/11/14 16:32:37
03/25/14Adam Rosenfeld Is My Homeskillet (Gill Joldstein)03/25/14 16:05:44
04/08/14Adam Rosenfeld Is My Homeskillet (Gill Joldstein)04/08/14 15:43:35
04/15/14Adam Rosenfeld Is My Homeskillet (Gill Joldstein)04/15/14 16:21:52
04/22/14Adam Rosenfeld Is My Homeskillet (Gill Joldstein)04/22/14 16:20:36
04/29/14Adam Rosenfeld Is My Homeskillet (Gill Joldstein)04/29/14 16:31:03
05/06/14Adam Rosenfeld Is My Homeskillet (Gill Joldstein)05/06/14 16:28:24
09/10/14Jill Melts the Universe09/17/14 10:18:28
09/17/14Jill Melts the Universe09/19/14 14:39:23
09/24/14Jill Melts the Universe10/07/14 22:20:19
10/01/14Jill Melts the Universe10/07/14 22:26:57
10/08/14Jill Melts the Universe10/14/14 23:15:33
10/15/14Jill Melts the Universe10/22/14 14:47:50
10/22/14Jill Melts the Universe10/25/14 14:47:40
10/29/14Jill Melts the Universe11/05/14 13:19:27
11/05/14Jill Melts the Universe11/14/14 13:06:46
11/12/14Jill Melts the Universe11/14/14 13:13:56
11/19/14Jill Melts the Universe11/25/14 16:02:37
12/04/14Overalls Are Cool Now12/04/14 14:48:40
01/28/15Draggin the Line01/30/15 13:18:11
01/29/15Jill Melts the Universe01/30/15 13:37:52
02/05/15Jill Melts the Universe02/05/15 17:52:17
02/12/15Jill Melts the Universe02/12/15 18:50:09
02/19/15Jill Melts the Universe02/19/15 17:38:49
02/26/15Jill Melts the Universe02/26/15 17:12:01
03/12/15Jill Melts the Universe03/12/15 17:18:43
03/26/15Jill Melts the Universe03/26/15 17:15:00
04/16/15Jill Melts the Universe04/16/15 17:11:08
04/02/15Jill Melts the Universe04/16/15 17:18:22
04/09/15Jill Melts the Universe04/16/15 17:23:44
04/23/15Jill Melts the Universe04/23/15 17:31:38
09/24/15Jill Melts the Universe09/24/15 17:12:58
10/01/15Jill Melts the Universe10/16/15 16:09:19
10/08/15Jill Melts the Universe10/16/15 16:48:41
10/15/15Jill Melts the Universe10/16/15 16:53:54
10/22/15Jill Melts the Universe11/10/15 23:01:05
10/29/15Jill Melts the Universe11/10/15 23:04:48
11/05/15Jill Melts the Universe11/10/15 23:11:16
09/10/15Jill Melts the Universe11/10/15 23:23:13
11/12/15Jill Melts the Universe11/15/15 20:08:28
02/04/16Jill Melts the Universe03/24/16 12:49:48
02/11/16Jill Melts the Universe03/24/16 12:55:32
02/18/16Jill Melts the Universe03/24/16 12:58:54
02/25/16Jill Melts the Universe03/24/16 13:05:59
03/10/16Jill Melts the Universe03/24/16 13:08:03
03/17/16Jill Melts the Universe03/24/16 13:08:43
01/28/16Jill Melts the Universe03/24/16 13:09:50