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Brandi Dudrick

E-Mail: bdudrick [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: The Lord of the Rings, Ender's Game, The Old Man and the Sea, The Great Gatsby, Ghost Soldiers
Favorite Quotes: "Crazy loves company"~probably a crazy person
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Our Weekly Corn Muffin
Other Info:
Hi. I have pink hair and enjoy long walks on the beach and ice cream cones.

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/15/13Surprise Me10/15/13 15:42:12
10/22/13Surprise Me10/22/13 07:50:13
10/29/13Surprise Me10/29/13 07:42:52
11/05/13Surprise Me11/05/13 07:51:11
11/05/13Unscheduled Show11/05/13 07:55:03
11/12/13Surprise Me11/12/13 07:19:56
11/19/13Surprise Me11/19/13 07:48:50
02/05/14Riding On Sunshine01/30/14 22:40:34
02/19/14Riding On Sunshine02/19/14 11:03:19
03/05/14Riding On Sunshine03/05/14 10:17:10
03/26/14Riding On Sunshine03/26/14 10:27:32
04/02/14Riding On Sunshine04/02/14 10:37:50
04/16/14Riding On Sunshine04/16/14 10:40:56
04/30/14Riding On Sunshine04/30/14 10:56:01
10/03/14Riding On the Sunshine10/03/14 10:00:25
10/31/14Riding On the Sunshine10/31/14 09:59:02
11/07/14Riding On the Sunshine11/07/14 09:50:27
11/21/14Riding On the Sunshine11/21/14 10:00:54