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Adam Z Winer

Favorite Bands: OTIS is the Elevator, Friends of the Library, French Stewart, College Park Projects, Back to Save the Universe, Kinda Panda, Women, Darius, Snake Vision, Winer's Fast Food Revival.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Third Rail Radio
Other Info:
Mondays noon-2pm

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
01/31/06Mr. Popular01/31/06 17:51:42
02/03/06The Two-Headed Monster02/03/06 12:02:32
02/10/06The Two-Headed Monster02/10/06 10:21:31
02/17/06The Two-Headed Monster02/10/06 10:45:59
02/24/06The Two-Headed Monster02/17/06 12:01:12
03/10/06The Two-Headed Monster03/03/06 12:04:09
03/31/06Roots & Wings03/31/06 10:19:49
03/31/06The Two-Headed Monster03/31/06 12:04:00
04/21/06The Two-Headed Monster04/21/06 12:01:27
05/05/06The Two-Headed Monster05/05/06 12:03:22
08/30/06Man of the House08/30/06 23:59:54
09/06/06Man of the House09/06/06 23:57:14
09/13/06Man of the House09/14/06 00:03:00
09/20/06Man of the House09/21/06 00:06:30
10/04/06Man of the House10/05/06 01:28:16
11/08/06Unscheduled Show11/09/06 00:01:24
12/06/06Man of the House12/07/06 00:00:14
02/07/07Man of the House02/08/07 01:17:39
02/21/07Man of the House02/22/07 00:00:49
03/14/07Man of the House03/14/07 23:58:17
04/04/07Man of the House04/05/07 00:02:36
05/02/07Man of the House05/02/07 23:59:51
05/09/07Man of the House05/09/07 23:59:32
05/16/07Man of the House05/16/07 23:59:50
06/20/07Man of the House06/20/07 22:00:46
07/18/07Man of the House07/18/07 21:47:33
07/25/07Man of the House07/25/07 22:00:17
08/01/07Man of the House08/01/07 22:00:21
08/15/07Man of the House08/15/07 22:05:42
09/12/07The IDentity Crisis09/12/07 21:19:38
09/12/07kidz night09/12/07 23:50:41
09/26/07The IDentity Crisis10/03/07 00:52:42
10/10/07The IDentity Crisis10/10/07 22:01:44
10/17/07The IDentity Crisis10/17/07 21:58:57
10/24/07The IDentity Crisis10/24/07 22:09:22
11/07/07The IDentity Crisis11/07/07 22:07:54
11/14/07The IDentity Crisis11/14/07 20:44:32
11/28/07The IDentity Crisis11/28/07 22:06:26
12/02/07LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal Radio12/02/07 23:40:40
12/03/07RETURN 2 DA PIT12/03/07 01:19:40
12/12/07The IDentity Crisis12/12/07 21:57:55
12/12/07kidz night12/12/07 23:19:35
01/29/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats01/29/08 16:00:02
01/29/08A basement show01/29/08 17:59:25
02/05/08A basement show02/05/08 17:59:32
02/12/08Fat Beats and Girly Treats02/12/08 15:58:48
02/12/08A basement show02/12/08 17:57:43
02/19/08A basement show02/19/08 17:58:15
02/26/08A basement show02/28/08 12:50:28
03/04/08A basement show03/04/08 18:04:43
03/11/08A basement show03/11/08 17:56:45
04/01/08A basement show04/01/08 18:03:26
04/15/08A basement show04/15/08 17:57:35
04/22/08A basement show04/22/08 18:47:34
04/29/08A basement show04/29/08 17:57:08
05/06/08A basement show05/09/08 14:01:46
10/21/08How Christine Got Her Groove Back10/21/08 13:58:38
02/16/09MUCRAKERS02/16/09 13:58:43
02/23/09MUCRAKERS02/23/09 14:02:03
03/16/09MUCRAKERS03/16/09 13:48:53