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Joe Doyle

E-Mail: jd [dot] pinkfloydrules [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, The Book Thief by Michael Zusak, Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory
Favorite Bands: Pink Floyd, Dr. Dog, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Fleet Foxes, CSNY, Pearl Jam, Kanye West, Band of Horses, Dan Singer
Favorite Quotes: "Wub Wubwubwubwub wub wubwub.... WUBWUBWUWBWUBWUBWUBWUB" - Skrillex
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Manure Hour
Other Info:
Jane Lyons is an oh-s0-big Text Box

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
03/01/14Late Night Antics03/01/14 02:02:34
03/08/14Late Night Antics03/08/14 01:53:36
03/29/14Late Night Antics03/29/14 02:03:34
04/05/14Late Night Antics04/05/14 01:57:57
09/03/14Cat Yodeling09/03/14 19:01:54
09/10/14Cat Yodeling09/10/14 19:10:16
09/17/14Cat Yodeling09/17/14 18:48:36
09/24/14Cat Yodeling09/29/14 18:14:48
10/01/14Cat Yodeling10/01/14 18:58:16
10/08/14Cat Yodeling10/08/14 19:03:26
10/08/14Unscheduled Show10/08/14 18:51:38
10/15/14Cat Yodeling10/15/14 19:03:09
10/22/14Cat Yodeling10/22/14 19:10:42
10/29/14Cat Yodeling10/29/14 18:54:00
11/12/14Cat Yodeling11/12/14 18:55:35
11/19/14Cat Yodeling11/19/14 18:47:01
12/03/14Cat Yodeling12/03/14 18:53:33
12/10/14Cat Yodeling12/10/14 18:42:45
12/17/14Cat Yodeling12/17/14 19:02:07
06/11/15Jumpin' Jehoshaphat06/11/15 21:10:12
09/10/15I Have No Phone But I Must Emoji09/10/15 19:54:41
09/17/15I Have No Phone But I Must Emoji09/17/15 19:49:47
09/24/15I Have No Phone But I Must Emoji09/24/15 19:58:06
10/01/15I Have No Phone But I Must Emoji10/01/15 20:54:00
10/08/15I Have No Phone But I Must Emoji10/08/15 19:19:49
10/22/15I Have No Phone But I Must Emoji10/22/15 19:58:58
10/29/15I Have No Phone But I Must Emoji10/29/15 19:58:46
11/12/15I Have No Phone But I Must Emoji11/12/15 19:49:10
11/19/15I Have No Phone But I Must Emoji11/19/15 19:59:27
12/03/15I Have No Phone But I Must Emoji12/03/15 20:03:53
02/01/16And on the Seventh Day,02/01/16 18:56:53
02/08/16And on the Seventh Day,02/08/16 19:01:51
02/15/16And on the Seventh Day,02/15/16 18:57:37
02/22/16And on the Seventh Day,02/22/16 18:48:51
02/29/16And on the Seventh Day,02/29/16 18:41:59
03/07/16And on the Seventh Day,03/07/16 18:47:41
03/21/16And on the Seventh Day,03/21/16 18:57:17
03/28/16And on the Seventh Day,03/28/16 18:49:57
04/04/16And on the Seventh Day,04/04/16 18:58:16
04/11/16And on the Seventh Day,04/11/16 18:44:47
04/18/16And on the Seventh Day,04/18/16 18:40:34
05/09/16And on the Seventh Day,05/09/16 18:57:42
05/09/16That Other One05/09/16 20:05:52