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Bridgett Bobowiec

AIM: soureverthings
Favorite Bands: Camera Obscura, Belle and Sebastian, Freeze Pop, Stereo Total,
Favorite Quotes: bad guy coming through
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Teen Age Riot!

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/12/06Third Rail Radio02/12/06 20:49:44
06/04/06Third Rail Radio06/04/06 21:10:02
06/11/06Third Rail Radio06/11/06 20:51:56
01/14/07Everybody knows it's a secret.01/14/07 18:21:25
01/06/08Sweet Nothings01/06/08 15:49:23
01/13/08Sweet Nothings01/13/08 15:52:30
01/20/08Sweet Nothings01/20/08 16:06:20
12/27/08Sweet Nothings12/27/08 15:11:38
01/03/09Sweet Nothings01/03/09 15:01:21
01/10/09Sweet Nothings01/10/09 15:13:16
06/07/09Sweet Nothings06/07/09 11:59:20
06/14/09Sweet Nothings06/14/09 11:43:46
06/21/09Sweet Nothings06/21/09 11:55:59
07/05/09Sweet Nothings07/05/09 11:51:57
07/12/09Sweet Nothings07/12/09 11:52:18
07/19/09Sweet Nothings07/19/09 11:56:26
08/23/09Sweet Nothings08/23/09 12:00:30
08/30/09Sweet Nothings08/30/09 11:59:15