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Eastern Import

Scheduled Time: thu 1600 - 1800 on channel 1
DJs: Jarett Poole, Nate Deselms
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: alternative, Shibuya-kei, indie, post-rock, new wave, hip-hop
AIM: easternimport881

About: Playing music from the far east. Specifically Japan and China, but by no means limited to those countries. No classical or traditional music is played, we're all about modern music.
Guests: My man Yufei Cheng!! Guest DJ on 9/10/09 who played some Chinese rock bands and will hopefully appear again.

Archived Playlists

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09/17/09Nate Deselms09/17/09 18:04:46
09/24/09Jarett Poole09/24/09 17:59:53
10/01/09Jarett Poole10/01/09 18:10:07
10/08/09Jarett Poole10/08/09 18:09:55
10/15/09Nate Deselms10/15/09 18:04:14
10/22/09Nate Deselms10/22/09 22:43:37
10/29/09Nate Deselms10/29/09 18:01:04
11/05/09Nate Deselms11/05/09 17:58:59
11/12/09Nate Deselms11/12/09 17:56:09
11/19/09Nate Deselms11/19/09 17:43:11
12/03/09Nate Deselms12/03/09 17:55:28
12/10/09Nate Deselms12/10/09 17:52:32
12/17/09Nate Deselms12/17/09 18:06:58