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Scheduled Time: sun 0 - 200 on channel 1
DJs: Sean Ye, Jon Bismut
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Post punk, Punk, Dream pop, Garage rock, Lo-fi, 60s
AIM: joebz5 seanye190

About: We learn you about music that's better than music you listen to, mostly underground rock and punk from 60s-90s We'll also be making awesome chit chat in between. So don't be a little bitch LISTEN IN.
Guests: Glenn Mercer (The Feelies)/ Simone Shuffett (Belflur)/ Nolan Morris (Washington Hall)/ David Richman (Frat boardie, socialite)/ Adam Danoff (Host of show after ours)

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09/06/09Sean Ye09/19/09 04:23:08
09/13/09Sean Ye09/13/09 01:55:44
09/20/09Sean Ye09/20/09 01:48:04
09/27/09Sean Ye10/04/09 01:31:02
10/04/09Sean Ye10/04/09 01:57:56
10/11/09Sean Ye10/11/09 01:51:23
10/18/09Sean Ye10/18/09 01:47:58
10/25/09Sean Ye10/25/09 01:50:47
11/01/09Jon Bismut11/01/09 01:49:08
11/08/09Sean Ye11/08/09 01:52:08
11/15/09Sean Ye11/15/09 01:36:09
12/06/09Sean Ye12/06/09 01:58:51
12/13/09Sean Ye12/13/09 01:53:44