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Sugar Shack Radio

Scheduled Time: sun 2200 - 2400 on channel 2
DJs: Tafisha Edwards
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Hip-Hop, House, Soul, R&B, Go Go, Indie,

About: Sugar Shack Radio is a Talk Show that Loves Music Too Much to Be Ignored. On Any Given Day You Might Find Politics, Love, Sex, Money, and General Foolishness on the Show. Always Kicking Off With that Daily Dose of News and Celebrity Gossip (You Never Know When You Might Need It), and Featuring a Dizzying Array of Guest Hosts (Some Random, Some Not) Sugar Shack Radio is on Sundays from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.

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09/06/09Tafisha Edwards09/07/09 00:52:40
09/13/09Tafisha Edwards09/13/09 23:53:59
09/20/09Tafisha Edwards09/20/09 23:59:48
09/27/09Tafisha Edwards09/27/09 23:59:07
10/04/09Tafisha Edwards10/05/09 00:01:13
10/11/09Tafisha Edwards10/12/09 00:02:00
10/18/09Tafisha Edwards10/18/09 23:57:16
10/25/09Tafisha Edwards10/25/09 23:51:49
11/08/09Tafisha Edwards11/08/09 23:58:33
11/15/09Tafisha Edwards11/15/09 22:19:06
11/22/09Tafisha Edwards11/22/09 23:58:11
11/29/09Tafisha Edwards11/29/09 23:42:42
12/06/09Tafisha Edwards12/06/09 23:37:22
12/13/09Tafisha Edwards12/13/09 23:57:25