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Metal Earth

Scheduled Time: tue 0 - 300 on channel 2
DJs: Jan Babiuch-Hall
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: purple sloths and meerkats, plus the occasional holy wafer
AIM: MetalEarthWMUC

About: tune in (click) and your brain will turn to sludge and you will reach the state of union with amazingness. and yes, you will shit bricks. it's a side effect
Guests: Other DJs, maybe even pull in a band or ten

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09/22/09Jan Babiuch-Hall09/24/09 02:41:12
09/29/09Jan Babiuch-Hall09/29/09 03:18:32
10/06/09Jan Babiuch-Hall10/06/09 05:33:57
10/13/09Jan Babiuch-Hall10/13/09 03:29:27
10/20/09Jan Babiuch-Hall10/20/09 03:54:36
10/27/09Jan Babiuch-Hall10/27/09 04:52:55
11/03/09Jan Babiuch-Hall11/03/09 03:18:23
11/10/09Jan Babiuch-Hall11/10/09 03:10:06
11/17/09Jan Babiuch-Hall11/17/09 03:11:28
11/24/09Jan Babiuch-Hall11/24/09 02:14:17
12/01/09Jan Babiuch-Hall12/01/09 02:48:12
12/15/09Jan Babiuch-Hall12/15/09 03:25:11