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Camel Toads

Scheduled Time: tue 1000 - 1200 on channel 1
DJs: Monika Tomczak
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: alternapunk powerska weirdcore
AIM: camel toads rock

About: what is a camel toad? click here to find out.
I play music I like, new music, old music, requests - call and IM, and whatever comes up. Every week I do a "random pick" where I pick something from the new bin which I have never heard before or even heard of. I base my decision on what catches my eye, and the cd reviews by other DJs. I often announce live music shows and other things going on.
Guests: let me know if you want a guest appearance on my show.

Archived Playlists

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01/31/06Monika Tomczak01/31/06 12:21:47
02/07/06Monika Tomczak04/18/06 00:46:19
02/14/06Monika Tomczak02/14/06 13:03:39
02/21/06Monika Tomczak04/18/06 00:47:00
02/28/06Monika Tomczak04/18/06 00:47:16
03/14/06Monika Tomczak04/18/06 00:47:41
03/28/06Monika Tomczak03/28/06 13:36:02
04/04/06Monika Tomczak04/04/06 11:57:58
04/11/06Monika Tomczak04/11/06 11:58:07
04/18/06Monika Tomczak04/18/06 12:04:36
04/25/06Monika Tomczak04/25/06 23:45:07
05/02/06Monika Tomczak05/02/06 11:57:02
05/09/06Monika Tomczak05/09/06 12:20:44
05/16/06Monika Tomczak05/16/06 14:00:03