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Backyard Inferno: True Metal Radio

Scheduled Time: thu 600 - 800 on channel 1
DJs: Mario Pareja-Lecaros
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Metal - all of it (except hair metal, thats not metal)
AIM: Iliveinalego

About: This show aims to give MD/VA/DC Metal bands some exposure. I will try to play as much local talent before filling in with national bands. I will also be doing a small talk section where i talk about a piece of equipment (guitars, amps, cabs, etc) that i think is of exceptional quality and price. UG FTW

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10/01/09Mario Pareja-Lecaros10/01/09 17:16:19
10/08/09Mario Pareja-Lecaros10/08/09 07:57:55
11/05/09Mario Pareja-Lecaros11/05/09 06:46:57
11/12/09Mario Pareja-Lecaros11/12/09 06:58:24
11/19/09Mario Pareja-Lecaros11/19/09 07:42:37
12/17/09Mario Pareja-Lecaros12/12/09 00:39:52