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The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony Drake

Scheduled Time: tue 1800 - 2000 on channel 2
DJs: DJ Tony Drake
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Everything Hip-Hop

About: If you love a good blend of Hip-Hop then "The Blender" is for you. We have all the new music, exclusive tracks, live mixes, and dope interviews all for your listening pleasure. Make sure to tune in every week to hear Miss DJ Gemz and DJ Tony Drake on "The Blender".

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01/26/10DJ Tony Drake01/27/10 12:53:30
02/02/10DJ Tony Drake02/07/10 16:29:26
02/09/10DJ Tony Drake02/16/10 09:29:34
02/16/10DJ Tony Drake03/06/10 18:55:47
02/23/10DJ Tony Drake03/06/10 19:02:05
03/02/10DJ Tony Drake03/17/10 12:48:23
03/23/10DJ Tony Drake03/24/10 09:39:33
03/16/10DJ Tony Drake03/24/10 09:47:04
03/09/10DJ Tony Drake03/24/10 09:48:34
04/13/10DJ Tony Drake04/14/10 18:38:19
04/06/10DJ Tony Drake04/14/10 16:16:29
03/30/10DJ Tony Drake04/14/10 16:17:08
04/20/10DJ Tony Drake05/11/10 22:01:14
04/27/10DJ Tony Drake05/11/10 22:15:26
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01/05/10DJ.xenosoup01/05/10 21:15:39