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Hairy Buisness

Scheduled Time: fri 1600 - 1800 on channel 1
DJs: Danielle Leikach
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: feelings and stuff
AIM: OThatDanielle

About: this must be an accident!! i will play the new bin and whatever i am presently obsessed with and whatever you request that i can find! and i will love you eternally.
Guests: lefty lucy, righty tighty, matty lilienfeld, becca lieman, lauren kerr, screamers, wailers, whalers, dwarves, refrigerators, grandmas, conquistadors, teapots

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05/26/06Danielle Leikach05/26/06 18:03:21
06/23/06Danielle Leikach06/23/06 18:11:08
06/30/06Danielle Leikach06/30/06 18:06:54
07/07/06Rohan Mahadevan07/07/06 17:58:31
07/21/06Danielle Leikach07/21/06 18:02:30
08/25/06Danielle Leikach08/25/06 18:06:38