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FM Sedatives

Scheduled Time: fri 2000 - 2200 on channel 1
DJs: L. Chang
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: industrial, experimental, psychedelic, goth rock, post-rock, deathrock, anarcho punk, noise rock, neo-folk, post-punk, outdated mainstream alt-rock, synthpop
AIM: sidewalk lick

About: awesome college radio season four of umd's favorite goth show (in my mind)

its tough being young, impressionable and naive. :( fm sedatives is here to help you!
melancholy is the name of the game, don't waste your time on "freak-folk" whenever you know you relate more to whitehouse's "just like a cunt" more than you do to your own mother. if you're a tender little duckling who's into depeche mode or a raging lunatic with a hankering for genocide organ FM Sedatives fulfills your heart's desire. unless you're a tweefag. sorry, there's no cure for being twee.

consult with your doctor before you decide to self-operate.

Α ☺ Ω

friday nights @ wmuc are solely dedicated to alt-fags too cool for your rainbow bullshit but too lame to be going out. goth it out, noise it up with dj ARKive et moi. dl archives here --> if you're too busy for me. :'(

Archived Playlists

Show DateEntered By Last Modified
01/29/10L. Chang01/29/10 22:18:53
03/26/10L. Chang04/16/10 19:26:17
02/05/10Daniel Seifert02/05/10 21:54:58
02/12/10ARKive02/12/10 20:37:58
02/19/10L. Chang02/19/10 21:44:17
02/26/10L. Chang03/06/10 21:18:33
03/05/10Sweet Sweetbeast03/05/10 15:12:17
03/12/10L. Chang03/13/10 11:42:41
03/19/10L. Chang03/19/10 21:48:42
04/02/10Shovel Shovelist04/02/10 23:04:37
04/16/10L. Chang04/16/10 20:04:18
04/23/10L. Chang04/23/10 20:51:18
05/07/10L. Chang05/07/10 21:46:24