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Scheduled Time: fri 2200 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: ARKive
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: experimental, noise, free form improv, a thorn in the side of the corporate hegemony

About: (n) determinate...
do you find earth boring? just the same ole' same thing? sign up with (n) flux and explore the omniverse of noise...

...local and national acts of similar aesthetic inklings are always welcome at (n) flux for free form improvisation, electronic cacophonies, and general offensiveness...

...please no traditional rock bands. have you checked out third rail radio? it's a great show...

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01/29/10ARKive01/29/10 22:25:50
02/05/10Max H.02/05/10 23:44:06
02/12/10ARKive02/12/10 22:05:45
02/19/10ARKive02/19/10 22:13:33
04/09/10ARKive04/09/10 23:08:19
02/26/10ARKive02/26/10 22:08:14
03/19/10ARKive03/19/10 22:03:00
03/26/10ARKive03/26/10 22:11:34
04/02/10Shovel Shovelist04/02/10 23:50:26
04/16/10ARKive04/16/10 22:10:22
04/23/10ARKive04/23/10 22:24:06
05/07/10ARKive05/07/10 22:08:13
05/14/10ARKive05/14/10 22:24:14
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01/08/10ARKive01/08/10 22:32:18
01/22/10ARKive01/22/10 22:06:48