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T.A.S.K. Productions Presents...FlyBoyRadio

Scheduled Time: sun 1500 - 1800 on channel 1
DJs: DJ T.A.S.K.
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Versatile but we Specialize in Beats, Rhymes, & Life, "Real Hip-Hop" sounds cliche but we Know-The-Ledge, Heavy on the Boom Bap, Light on the Bullshit...

Guests: Gym Class Heroes, Kidz in the Hall, Tyga, Blu & Exile, Wale, U-N-I, TiRon, The Clipse, Pacific Division, The Knux, Mickey Facts, Dom Kennedy, The Cool Kids, Black Diamond, DK, Skotch Davis,Sugar Junkie

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02/14/10DJ T.A.S.K.02/17/10 22:39:08
02/21/10DJ T.A.S.K.02/24/10 09:20:52
02/28/10DJ T.A.S.K.03/03/10 19:56:11
03/07/10DJ T.A.S.K.03/08/10 12:46:57
03/21/10DJ T.A.S.K.03/23/10 18:57:03
03/28/10DJ T.A.S.K.03/29/10 12:57:27
04/11/10DJ T.A.S.K.04/13/10 13:56:08
04/18/10DJ T.A.S.K.04/19/10 00:29:05
Show DateEntered By Last Modified
01/07/10DJ T.A.S.K.01/08/10 06:40:55
01/14/10DJ T.A.S.K.01/19/10 16:19:52
01/21/10DJ T.A.S.K.01/23/10 13:19:21