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Prog for Lunch

Scheduled Time: thu 1200 - 1400 on channel 1
DJs: Jonathan Indig
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Avant-rock, Fusion

About: Playing Progressive Rock from its beginnings in the late 60s to more modern concoctions, and delving into associated genres such as krautrock, avant-rock, fusion, etc.

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09/02/10Jonathan Indig09/02/10 13:55:33
09/09/10Jonathan Indig09/09/10 14:01:01
09/16/10Jonathan Indig09/16/10 13:55:23
09/23/10Jonathan Indig09/23/10 13:57:02
09/30/10Jonathan Indig09/30/10 13:36:44
10/07/10Jonathan Indig10/07/10 13:51:35
10/14/10Jonathan Indig10/14/10 13:45:41
10/21/10Jonathan Indig10/21/10 13:22:32
10/28/10Jonathan Indig10/28/10 13:43:41
11/04/10Jonathan Indig11/04/10 14:03:21
11/11/10Jonathan Indig11/11/10 13:54:12
11/18/10Jonathan Indig11/18/10 13:52:00
12/02/10Jonathan Indig12/02/10 13:44:27
12/09/10Jonathan Indig12/09/10 13:57:49