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The Han Show

Scheduled Time: mon 1600 - 1800 on channel 1
DJs: Farhan Syed, Rayhan Hasan, Rohan Mahadevan
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: guitars and sitars yaar


If you have not met _any_ of the Hans, you are nothing.

If you have met only one, you are a shell of a person. There is naught to be seen in witness of a Han solo.

Likewise, if you have met two of the three, you are incomplete in your experience of the Hans. It must exist as a trinity.

If you are so blessed to meet all three, you have attained the highest achievement of your lifetime, save that you become an Honorary Han.

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09/04/06Rayhan Hasan09/04/06 17:58:11
09/11/06Rayhan Hasan09/11/06 16:34:57
09/18/06Rayhan Hasan09/18/06 17:39:11
09/25/06Rayhan Hasan09/25/06 17:27:05
10/02/06Rayhan Hasan10/02/06 17:58:22
10/09/06Rohan Mahadevan10/09/06 17:57:13
10/16/06Rayhan Hasan10/16/06 17:07:06
10/23/06Rohan Mahadevan10/23/06 17:12:19
10/30/06Rayhan Hasan10/30/06 22:02:52
11/06/06Farhan Syed11/06/06 18:00:38
11/13/06Farhan Syed11/13/06 17:57:38
11/20/06Rayhan Hasan11/20/06 17:59:26
11/27/06Farhan Syed11/27/06 17:59:55
12/04/06Farhan Syed12/04/06 18:07:50
12/11/06Farhan Syed12/11/06 16:16:56