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The Better Git It In Your Soul Radio Program

Scheduled Time: tue 1800 - 2000 on channel 1
DJs: The Harvman
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Soulful, eclectic, adventurous

About: The sacred mission of the "Better Git It In Your Soul" radio program for the last decade: to spotlight the mounds of soulful music, new and old, from around the world, and from various time periods and genres, that the playlists of corporate radio ignore. An eclectic musical adventure, featuring the best of new releases and occasional historical specials.

Archived Playlists

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01/31/06The Harvman02/02/06 20:38:49
02/07/06The Harvman02/07/06 20:01:33
02/14/06The Harvman02/14/06 20:18:58
02/21/06The Harvman02/21/06 19:58:40
02/28/06The Harvman02/28/06 19:59:57
03/07/06The Harvman03/07/06 20:01:34
03/14/06The Harvman03/14/06 20:03:34
03/21/06The Harvman03/21/06 19:57:47
03/28/06The Harvman03/28/06 19:58:19
04/04/06The Harvman04/04/06 19:59:22
04/11/06The Harvman04/11/06 20:00:44
04/25/06The Harvman04/25/06 20:05:24
05/02/06The Harvman05/02/06 20:01:18
05/09/06The Harvman05/09/06 20:07:10
05/16/06The Harvman05/16/06 20:06:27