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Ego Gala

Scheduled Time: sun 100 - 300 on channel 1
DJs: Michael Fleit, Nathan Tucker
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Post-Deconstructuralism

About: Absurd and hypocritical institution that claims omniscience and omnipotence but does not actually possess either. -Michael. This trend continues into adulthood, when individuals, especially women, signal their CLASS, ideology, and lifestyle by the type of clothing that they wear. -Nathan.

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02/27/11Nathan Tucker02/27/11 02:44:50
03/06/11Nathan Tucker03/06/11 03:09:38
03/13/11Nathan Tucker03/13/11 01:59:23
03/20/11Nathan Tucker03/20/11 02:59:28
03/27/11Nathan Tucker03/27/11 02:57:22
04/10/11Nathan Tucker04/10/11 02:54:51
04/24/11Nathan Tucker04/24/11 03:02:41
05/01/11Nathan Tucker05/01/11 02:50:42
05/08/11Nathan Tucker05/08/11 12:05:09
05/22/11Nate Deselms05/22/11 01:48:46