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The Bohemian Challenge

Scheduled Time: thu 1000 - 1200 on channel 1
DJs: Laura Schnitker
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Freeformish

About: According to Swiss writer and sometimes-philosopher Alain de Botton, 19th century bohemians challenged the bourgeoisie by legitimizing an alternative way of life, and "staked out a sub-culture where certain values underrated by the bourgeois mainstream could have authority and prestige." The goal of this program is not to reject all commercialized music, but to present it in a format that includes the genres, artists and songs that fall outside the narrow qualifications for airplay on commercial radio. Challenge your tastes and make room for more in your musical world!

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09/01/11Laura Schnitker09/01/11 11:54:44
09/08/11Laura Schnitker09/08/11 11:57:45
09/15/11Laura Schnitker09/15/11 11:50:12
09/22/11Laura Schnitker09/22/11 11:57:50
09/29/11Laura Schnitker09/29/11 11:56:13
10/06/11Laura Schnitker10/06/11 11:53:41
10/13/11Laura Schnitker10/13/11 11:56:59
10/20/11Laura Schnitker10/20/11 11:54:07
10/27/11Laura Schnitker10/27/11 11:56:01
11/03/11Laura Schnitker11/03/11 11:54:27
11/10/11Laura Schnitker11/10/11 11:54:13
12/01/11Laura Schnitker12/01/11 11:58:34
12/08/11Laura Schnitker12/08/11 11:57:49
12/15/11Laura Schnitker12/15/11 12:00:22
12/29/11Laura Schnitker12/29/11 11:59:19
01/05/12Laura Schnitker01/05/12 11:58:25