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UMD SI Science Radio

Scheduled Time: fri 1700 - 1800 on channel 2
DJs: Jonathan Indig, Josh Sloane, Mary Mirvis, Robin Alonge, Sahil Shah
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Talk show

About: The main goal of UMD SI as stated in the constitution is to provide verifiably accurate information on specific subjects of interest to the UMD community. We want to be an organization the the UMD community can count on to give them accurate information. We have our own ideas about what might be interesting, however the main goal is to give out information that the community wants. Excellent research, citing sources, tackling a subject from all sides, not being afraid of where the evidence leads. These are all things that we are committed to.

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09/02/11Josh Sloane09/13/11 22:55:56
09/16/11Josh Sloane09/21/11 23:40:36
09/09/11Josh Sloane09/21/11 23:36:52
09/23/11Jonathan Indig09/23/11 17:59:27
09/30/11Jonathan Indig09/30/11 16:46:49
10/14/11Josh Sloane10/15/11 17:15:59
12/02/11Josh Sloane12/06/11 19:20:46