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Man of the House

Scheduled Time: wed 2200 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: Adam Z Winer, Jackie
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: awesome music brought to you by awesome people.

About: A new challenge issued every week. Time to decide who is really MAN OF THE HOUSE. Tune in at 10pm to hear the song of the week, awesome new and old favorites, and friendly banter until Midnight. You also have the chance to fire Adam and its his job to get himself rehired as soon as possible. Call in at 301-314-8800 to get Adam fired, request music and so much more!

Archived Playlists

Show DateEntered By Last Modified
08/30/06Adam Z Winer08/30/06 23:59:54
09/06/06Adam Z Winer09/06/06 23:57:14
09/13/06Adam Z Winer09/14/06 00:03:00
09/20/06Adam Z Winer09/21/06 00:06:30
09/27/06Jackie09/27/06 23:05:05
10/04/06Adam Z Winer10/05/06 01:28:16
10/11/06Jackie10/11/06 23:52:29
10/18/06Jackie10/18/06 23:55:24
10/25/06Jackie10/25/06 23:52:21
11/01/06Jackie11/01/06 23:57:33
11/15/06Jackie11/15/06 23:55:21
12/06/06Adam Z Winer12/07/06 00:00:14
12/13/06Jackie12/13/06 23:55:04
12/20/06Jackie12/21/06 01:12:15