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Slacker Hours

Scheduled Time: thu 1600 - 1800 on channel 2
DJs: Dean Essner
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Stuff That Stephen Malkmus Would Approve Of
Homepage: SlackerHourw/DeanEssner

About: 2 hours of sweet, sweet tunes.... One part chill-out session, one part intense nostalgia radio experience. Give yourself over to both to achieve the quan.
Guests: Kanye West, Donald Trump, Ray Lewis, Barack Obama, Brad Pitt, Anderson Cooper, Posdnuous (in theory), Other Peeps...

Archived Playlists

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09/29/11Dean Essner09/29/11 21:11:45
10/06/11Dean Essner10/07/11 13:14:22
10/13/11Dean Essner10/14/11 00:54:40
10/20/11Dean Essner10/20/11 20:08:36
10/27/11Dean Essner10/29/11 14:26:40
11/03/11Dean Essner11/03/11 21:21:56
11/10/11Dean Essner11/10/11 18:01:36
11/17/11Dean Essner11/20/11 17:47:50
12/01/11Dean Essner12/06/11 15:39:45
12/08/11Dean Essner12/08/11 20:56:51
12/15/11Dean Essner12/16/11 13:35:40