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Teen Age Riot!

Scheduled Time: thu 2200 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: Brad and Eitan
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: pop rocks and buzz cola
AIM: amishdanceparty

Guests: Shira Pilarski, Chelsea Stewart, Andrew Grossman, Meg Ruddick, Mina Alizadeh, Rayhan Hasan, Amy Dewan, Elliot Levitt, Katie Bayless, Gabe Nelson, Armida Lowe, Maya Brod, Sam Freedenberg and Jerry Lewis

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08/31/06Brad and Eitan08/31/06 23:59:31
09/07/06Brad and Eitan09/08/06 00:00:31
09/21/06Brad and Eitan09/22/06 00:04:33
09/28/06Brad and Eitan09/29/06 00:46:01
10/05/06Brad and Eitan10/05/06 23:59:58
10/12/06Brad and Eitan10/12/06 23:57:43
10/19/06Brad and Eitan10/19/06 23:58:19
10/26/06Brad and Eitan10/26/06 23:58:50
11/02/06Brad and Eitan11/03/06 00:01:50
11/09/06Brad and Eitan11/09/06 23:57:34
11/16/06Brad and Eitan11/17/06 00:00:58
11/30/06Brad and Eitan12/01/06 12:45:47
12/07/06Brad and Eitan12/07/06 23:56:59
12/14/06Brad and Eitan12/14/06 23:55:20