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Pork Pie Hat Bar

Scheduled Time: fri 1200 - 1400 on channel 1
DJs: Lena Seikaly
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.

About: A highly eclectic mix of jazz, progressive jazz, bop, old and new british rock, fuzz, fusion, latin, "world," maybe some polka or balinese gamelan, whatever tickles me on any given friday from 12-2 pm, with my sweet soothing voice in between.

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09/01/06Lena Seikaly09/01/06 14:01:08
09/08/06Lena Seikaly09/08/06 13:59:54
09/15/06Lena Seikaly09/15/06 23:11:25
09/22/06Lena Seikaly09/22/06 13:54:11
09/29/06Lena Seikaly09/29/06 13:53:56
10/06/06Lena Seikaly10/06/06 14:01:01
10/13/06Lena Seikaly10/13/06 18:55:24
10/20/06Lena Seikaly10/20/06 14:00:13
10/27/06Lena Seikaly10/27/06 13:51:16
11/03/06Lena Seikaly11/03/06 13:56:04
11/10/06Lena Seikaly11/10/06 13:53:36
11/17/06Lena Seikaly11/17/06 13:53:59
12/01/06Erich "Falsetto" Wagner12/01/06 13:41:13
12/08/06Lena Seikaly12/08/06 14:00:13
12/15/06Lena Seikaly12/15/06 14:08:28