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The Interdimensional B.R.A.I.N.b.l.a.s.t.

Scheduled Time: wed 800 - 1000 on channel 1
DJs: Matt Phillips
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Neo-psychedelia, Krautrock, Noise, Folk, Ambient, Drone, World, Prog, Post-Rock, Psych-pop, Minimalism, Industrial, Stoner Metal, Shoegaze, and just about anything else that gets yer mind a-meltin'.

About: The show formerly known as the Electric OJ Breakfast, featuring brainblasting sounds from every era on the psychedelic spectrum: from 60's psych folk to 70's prog and Krautrock to 90's neo-psych and psych-pop to 00's noise, New weird America and beyond. Wake up, drink some OJ, and freak out!

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02/08/06Matt Phillips02/08/06 09:59:05
02/15/06Matt Phillips02/15/06 09:59:20
02/22/06Matt Phillips02/22/06 09:57:00
03/01/06Matt Phillips03/01/06 09:59:15
03/15/06Matt Phillips03/15/06 09:59:11
03/29/06Matt Phillips03/29/06 09:57:25
04/05/06Matt Phillips04/05/06 09:54:40
04/12/06Matt Phillips04/12/06 10:02:49
04/19/06Matt Phillips04/19/06 09:55:42
05/03/06Matt Phillips05/03/06 09:54:57