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The Forgotten Future

Scheduled Time: fri 1000 - 1200 on channel 2
DJs: Knoll
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: 80's Electro, Detroit Techno, Crazy Beats

About: The Forgotten Future is a program predicated on bringing you the phattest synths and the grittiest beats. We play everything from 80s Electro (think: Hashim) to some scratch DJ tracks from the early 90s. Maybe we'll throw in some demoscene and new stuff too. Behold the cutting edge of futures past. /BOOM!/###ARCHIVE\:

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08/31/12Knoll08/31/12 12:15:14
10/12/12Knoll10/26/12 13:04:49
09/07/12Knoll09/07/12 12:23:24
09/14/12Knoll09/14/12 12:46:55
09/21/12Knoll09/21/12 12:03:49
09/28/12Knoll09/28/12 12:43:30
10/05/12Knoll10/05/12 09:59:21
10/26/12Knoll10/26/12 13:11:18
11/02/12Knoll11/02/12 13:31:08
11/09/12Knoll11/09/12 12:27:34
11/23/12Knoll11/29/12 21:53:23
11/30/12Knoll11/30/12 13:21:42