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Oops! In the Morning

Scheduled Time: thu 800 - 1000 on channel 1
DJs: Mandy Fraser
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: The stuff you really like. Oldies, indie, top forty, crunk.
AIM: subtlemethod

About: I come in and I lay it down. You know how we do in CP. Moreover, you know how I do so listen if you want a blast of neuroses in the AM, because hey! I could make you feel better about yourself, kids, and you'll want to wiggle your booty to Ace of Base or the Spice Girls or flippin' rock!

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09/07/06Mandy Fraser09/07/06 09:50:56
09/21/06Mandy Fraser09/21/06 09:51:41
10/05/06Mandy Fraser10/06/06 14:03:14
10/12/06Mandy Fraser10/19/06 08:23:42
10/19/06Mandy Fraser10/19/06 09:55:24
10/26/06Mandy Fraser10/26/06 09:51:05
11/02/06Mandy Fraser11/07/06 23:29:56
11/09/06Mandy Fraser11/15/06 22:50:34
11/30/06Mandy Fraser12/05/06 03:20:20
12/14/06Mandy Fraser12/17/06 14:45:03