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The Best Show Nobody Wants

Scheduled Time: fri 1200 - 1400 on channel 2
DJs: Bryce Weisberger
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Ecclectic
Homepage: http://

About: I play classic rock mostly, with splashes of everything here and there. Blues, post-rock, punk, prog rock, post punk, new wave, swing, swing revival, dad rock, mom rock, contemporary, baroque pop, and pretty much anything else. I'm always on the look for new music, so that will probably pop up too. If I don't know something or haven't heard of it, send me a sample/youtube link/(legal) download link or put it on the facebook page and I'll probably enjoy it and end up playing it on the air.

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10/12/12Bryce Weisberger10/13/12 22:34:43
10/19/12Bryce Weisberger10/19/12 16:54:00
10/26/12Bryce Weisberger10/26/12 16:46:41
11/02/12Bryce Weisberger11/02/12 22:15:20
11/09/12Bryce Weisberger11/12/12 11:52:22
11/16/12Bryce Weisberger11/16/12 13:57:41
11/30/12Bryce Weisberger11/30/12 14:00:55
12/07/12Bryce Weisberger01/17/13 00:42:25