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Scheduled Time: sun 200 - 400 on channel 1
DJs: Leo Svirsky
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Abommunist

About: The radio is filled with the same top 40 crap, and generic music, all of it made by Americans with guitars. Where's the Soviet new jazz? Where's the old-school anarcho-punk? I play anything obscure and interesting. Digital Hardcore, Contemporary Classical Music, Old Ska, Punk, Grindcore, Klezmer, Sufi, Black Metal, Underground and Old School Hip Hop, Funk, Old Blues, Avant-Garde Jazz, Noise, Psychedelic, Experimental Electronics, Industrial, foreign music, Siberian Anarcho-Punk...etc... There's also live poetry and other insanity
Guests: Jimi Dischord Clive fuckin' Baker Fey Nightly DJ Iggy God knows who/what else

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10/01/06Leo Svirsky10/01/06 04:01:36
10/08/06Leo Svirsky10/08/06 03:39:13
10/15/06Leo Svirsky10/15/06 23:21:31
10/22/06Leo Svirsky10/22/06 04:04:44
11/05/06Leo Svirsky11/05/06 04:04:08
11/12/06Leo Svirsky11/12/06 03:44:53
11/19/06Leo Svirsky11/19/06 03:57:53
11/26/06Leo Svirsky11/26/06 04:49:15
12/03/06Leo Svirsky12/03/06 03:59:36
12/10/06Leo Svirsky12/10/06 03:49:59
12/17/06Leo Svirsky12/17/06 04:16:06