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High-Minded Twaddle

Scheduled Time: fri 1200 - 1400 on channel 2
DJs: High Minded Twaddle, English Undergrad Association, George LaValle, Matt Desrochers
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Talk, Literature, Theater, Audio Drama, Eclectic music (both related to literature and new/unknown)

About: Cohosts: Matthew Desrochers, Abby Shantzis, John Little, Megan Cooley-Klein, Christopher Stevenson, Kelley Sullivan, George LaValle, Kim Choi Summer Schedule is Mondays 3pm-5pm!!!
Guests: Sung-Min Kim

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10/11/13George LaValle10/11/13 17:37:13
09/13/13High Minded Twaddle09/13/13 13:49:23
10/18/13High Minded Twaddle10/18/13 13:58:00
11/01/13High Minded Twaddle11/01/13 13:54:49
11/08/13High Minded Twaddle11/08/13 13:56:51
11/22/13George LaValle11/22/13 12:43:39
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06/03/13High-Minded Twaddle06/03/13 17:07:25
06/17/13High-Minded Twaddle06/17/13 17:01:47
06/24/13High-Minded Twaddle06/24/13 17:01:43
07/01/13High-Minded Twaddle07/01/13 17:00:37
07/08/13High-Minded Twaddle07/08/13 16:59:03
07/15/13High-Minded Twaddle07/15/13 17:02:03
07/22/13High-Minded Twaddle07/22/13 16:59:00
07/29/13High-Minded Twaddle07/29/13 16:57:39
08/05/13High-Minded Twaddle08/05/13 16:57:10
08/12/13High-Minded Twaddle08/12/13 16:57:23
08/19/13High-Minded Twaddle08/19/13 16:56:24
08/26/13High-Minded Twaddle08/26/13 17:03:17
09/09/13High-Minded Twaddle09/09/13 16:06:48