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Rosetta Stoned

Scheduled Time: fri 2300 - 2400 on channel 2
DJs: Kim Harris, Nikki Waxman
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Folk, Indie, Alternative, Ambient, World, Oldies

About: Everyone is listening to the hit new show Rosetta Stoned with Nikki and Kim! Rosetta Stoned is the best show on college radio today! Bill Cosby has been quoted as saying, "This is the best show ever!"* (*It can not be verified that the "show" in question was in fact Rosetta Stoned). If you don't listen to Rosetta Stoned, you are an animal! Rosetta Stoned is like the first bite of a delicious chocolate cake! Listening to Rosetta Stoned is the best way to show pride for your school or country. /////// "After just two weeks of listening to Rosetta Stoned, I began to notice a significant change in my dog's behavior, for the better!" -Anonymous Rosetta Stoned listener /////
Guests: Fellow WMUC-er Sonali Singh; Elaine Hunt, gym connoisseur; Tyler Draughon, fashion expert; Sir Kevin Fedderly

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09/13/13Nikki Waxman09/14/13 01:00:48
09/20/13Kim Harris09/21/13 00:55:03
09/27/13Kim Harris09/29/13 13:37:31
10/04/13Kim Harris09/29/13 13:41:31
10/18/13Kim Harris10/19/13 00:11:28
11/15/13Nikki Waxman11/17/13 23:46:35
10/25/13Kim Harris11/22/13 16:10:56
11/01/13Kim Harris11/22/13 16:20:09
10/04/13Jake Allegro12/02/13 22:10:25