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Terminally Chill

Scheduled Time: fri 1800 - 1900 on channel 2
DJs: Julie Kearney, Lauren Burns
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: new stuff and throwbackz

About: WUTEVA WE WANT (within reason)... Lauren and Julie are here to close out your week with some music and witty repartee, so every Friday at 6, kick back and wind down with this gem of a radio show...

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10/18/13Julie Kearney10/18/13 20:39:54
10/25/13Julie Kearney10/27/13 23:31:51
11/01/13Julie Kearney11/06/13 03:17:22
11/08/13Julie Kearney11/09/13 01:10:56
11/15/13Julie Kearney11/15/13 19:59:29
11/22/13Julie Kearney12/02/13 22:49:21
12/06/13Julie Kearney12/07/13 04:05:05
12/13/13Julie Kearney12/18/13 02:17:23