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Digital Pocketwatch

Scheduled Time: thu 1000 - 1100 on channel 2
DJs: Shlomit Chelst
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Vintage-ish soul, digital, and indie music sprinkled with some alternative rock.

About: "That's all, Folks!" Thanks for tuning in this semester! As a bonus to my amazing listeners, I will be playing some chill-out music and also my personal, pump-up/impromptu-dance-party playlist sometime during final's week. Good luck on finals- I know you can do it!! TTFN, Shlomit ****BONUS SHOW: Wednesday, December 18th, 1-2 pm****

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10/31/13Shlomit Chelst10/31/13 20:04:37
11/07/13Shlomit Chelst11/07/13 11:51:23
11/14/13Shlomit Chelst11/14/13 10:55:49
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12/12/13Shlomit Chelst12/12/13 11:00:12