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After Hours

Scheduled Time: wed 0 - 200 on channel 1
DJs: Asher Meerovich
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: music for humans

Guests: Jay Summerour (of A Little Bit of Blues), for CP Blues Festival; Mark Puryear, UMD AASP Professor; William Privott, MD Shakespeare Players' President

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01/29/14Asher Meerovich01/29/14 01:54:36
02/05/14Asher Meerovich02/05/14 01:55:26
02/12/14Asher Meerovich02/12/14 01:50:28
02/26/14Asher Meerovich02/26/14 01:57:00
03/05/14Asher Meerovich03/05/14 01:49:46
03/12/14Asher Meerovich03/12/14 10:19:29
03/26/14Asher Meerovich03/26/14 01:45:39
04/02/14Asher Meerovich04/02/14 01:45:40
04/23/14Asher Meerovich04/23/14 01:57:34
04/30/14Asher Meerovich04/30/14 01:58:12
05/07/14Asher Meerovich05/07/14 01:53:37
05/14/14Asher Meerovich05/14/14 01:46:50
05/21/14Michael Levy05/21/14 01:03:45