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Digital Pocketwatch

Scheduled Time: thu 930 - 1030 on channel 2
DJs: Shlomit Chelst
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Vintage-ish soul, digital, and indie music sprinkled with some alternative rock.

About: Digital Pocketwatch is inspired by "something old, something new". I am constantly on the search for brand new songs that sound like they've been around forever. Sometimes I have guests on the show for interviews or on-air chats. It varies week to week, but you can always check the box below ("Special Guests") to see what's coming up. This a show of positive energy- a great way to start your Thursday mornings! Tune in and enjoy! **************************************************************************************************************************************** No show this week, due to illness :( Sorry everybody! I will hopefully be making some bonus appearances to play some finals dance party music!! ***************************************************************************************************************************************** You can click on -Show Archive- to listen to my show from this week if you missed it (or just want to listen to it again!). The stream ripper starts and ends when it feels like it, so the show might be cut off a bit... ***************************************************************************************************************************************** BONUS SHOWS: I am re-releasing my old DPW playlists through spotify! Listen to playlists from older shows by following me on spotify- type "spotify:user:shlomit.chelst" into the spotify search box. Then follow me and enjoy the playlists! ***************************************************************************************************************************************** CHECK OUT: for a witty, introspective webcomic! Also, if you haven't already, you should definitely check out for a funny, insightful, and well-written blog on body image and gender equality (or lack thereof).
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01/30/14Shlomit Chelst01/30/14 10:27:45
02/06/14Shlomit Chelst02/06/14 10:24:54
02/20/14Shlomit Chelst02/20/14 10:25:56
02/27/14Shlomit Chelst02/27/14 10:38:16
03/06/14Shlomit Chelst03/06/14 10:33:29
03/13/14Shlomit Chelst03/13/14 10:35:16
04/03/14Shlomit Chelst04/03/14 10:40:20
04/10/14Shlomit Chelst04/10/14 10:28:15
04/24/14Shlomit Chelst04/24/14 10:29:15
05/01/14Shlomit Chelst05/01/14 10:37:35