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Brett Smokes Mids

Scheduled Time: mon 2200 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: Asher Meerovich
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Live

Guests: Bret Smokes Mids has featured interviews with: Bill Nye, Joey Bada$$, Master See, Justin Simien (creator of "Dear White People")... And in-studio performances by: TAUK, Tomato Dodgers, Bare Left, Knuckleberry Finn Otis Infrastructure Surfer Blood

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09/08/14Asher Meerovich09/08/14 23:59:18
09/15/14Asher Meerovich09/15/14 23:59:07
09/22/14Asher Meerovich09/22/14 23:59:29
09/29/14Asher Meerovich09/29/14 23:55:41
10/06/14Asher Meerovich10/06/14 23:52:38
10/13/14James Koehler10/13/14 23:55:58
10/20/14Asher Meerovich10/21/14 00:07:37
10/27/14Asher Meerovich10/27/14 23:59:44
11/03/14Asher Meerovich11/03/14 23:56:12
11/10/14Asher Meerovich11/10/14 23:54:34
11/17/14Asher Meerovich11/17/14 23:53:35
11/24/14Asher Meerovich11/24/14 23:46:41
12/08/14Asher Meerovich12/08/14 23:54:25
12/15/14Michael Levy12/16/14 00:02:48