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Choice Cuts

Scheduled Time: wed 0 - 200 on channel 1
DJs: Kyle Orlando
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: Extreme Metal

About: Choice Cuts derives its name from the Carcass's compilation album of the same name. This show is dedicated to playing the best of extreme metal music (all types of death & black metal, some doom, some thrash, some grindcore, etc.). It is divided into two one-hour segments: The first hour focuses on old-school extreme metal music from its conception in the mid-eighties to about 1994/1995, depending on the sub-genre. Expect most stuff to be from the early '90s. The second hour focuses on new-school extreme metal from late 2013 up to the present time. Expect to hear the most recent, daring artists who are treading new ground as well as the seasoned veterans with an already established sound.

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